Directions to Old Ruts

The following directions cover the route from Morden Underground Station to Old Ruts, Poplar Road SW19 3JS.

  1. Once you have exited the station, you will find yourself under a canopy, facing a one-way slip road with buses terminating and moving from right to left of you.
  2. Turn right and follow the building line with a parade of shops on your right and the slip road to your left (the canopy ends after a few paces).
    NB. Rosy Lea Café Bar is the second shop on your right as you leave the station.  It opens at 7am every day and has tables and chairs outside.
  3. Less than a minute further on, you will reach a fish & chip/kebab shop at the end of the parade, where the pavement widens and the building line bears to the right.
  4. If you follow the building line to your right, a few paces on, you will encounter an alleyway, at which point, you need to turn to your left to continue following the building line.
  5. A few paces on, there will be a convenience store on your right at the end of the building line, where you will bear right into Crown Lane with one-way traffic moving in the opposite direction on your left and a parade of shops on your right.
  6. Continue along Crown Lane for a couple of minutes, passing several shops, including Metronome Coffee Takeaway, a Nail Bar and Crown Coffee Shop which opens at 7am on Saturdays and 9am on Sundays.
  7. At the corner on the end of the parade, take the right-hand turning into Windermere Avenue, a residential road lined with houses and, further along, a grass verge on the edge of both pavements.
  8. To walk the length of Windermere Avenue will take several minutes; cross over to the other side of the road at some point and continue along it until you reach the junction with Kenley Road.
  9. Turn left into Kenley Road and continue until you reach the next turning on your left, which is Grasmere Avenue (directly opposite Wessex Avenue, a cul-de-sac on the other side of Kenley Road).
  10. Cross over Grasmere Avenue, then turn to your right and cross Kenley Road, turn left at the up-kerb and continue your line of travel along Kenley Road.
  11. After a minute or so, you will reach the junction where Kenley Road meets Circle Gardens. Turn right into Circle Gardens and follow the pavement for a few minutes.
  12. As its name suggests, Circle Gardens is a circular road, like a large roundabout or a giant wheel, with several roads, like spokes, running off it. Kenley Road is one of the “spokes” and, once you have turned right into Circle Gardens, you will be walking anti-clockwise around the circumference of the “wheel” until you come to the next “spoke” on your right, which is Poplar Road.
  13. Turn right into Poplar Road and continue along it, with the Old Ruts playing fields on your right.
  14. After a few minutes, you will come to the main entrance of Old Ruts on your right, a large blue sign to the right of it, with white and yellow letters, saying “Welcome to Old Rutlishians”.
  15. Once through the entrance, you will be in a car park with buildings ahead of you. Walk forward, turn left and follow the building line on your right a few paces, until you reach a group of large, green storage containers.
  16. The MSSC container, where our tandems are stored, is set back at the far end of the row, with its doors facing away from you towards the fields at the rear of the buildings.